De Wafelbakkers is a nationally distributed frozen pancake company. 
With the only the existing packaging to go on and little to no existing branding or even brand assets; we had a clean slate to start from.  After market and competitive research showed who exactly was using the product and why, I created something that was bright, fresh, and playful that was targeted to moms and kids. 
With competitive market of frozen breakfast entrenched in yellow and red color palettes, and 3D type, I wanted the brand to look and feel a little hand-made feeling, like the notes lovingly left in children's lunchboxes or the doodles in the margins of a notebook. Something that anyone could have drawn, slightly imperfect, but completely fine with it.  I had also thought about all those Pinterest "nailed it" memes that are out there. With everything going on at breakfast time you don't have time for perfect or homemade all the time. Relating those feelings to the product, De Wafelbakers is something that tastes so homemade that you can realistically pull it off as your own. 
For De Wafelbakkers, we had launched this rebrand in 2016.
You can see the brand identity used throughout the De Wafelbakkers website and promotions. 
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