Revel battery was looking to make some noise with the launch of their brand new, industry shifting, industrial lithium batteries. 
The challenge: Introduce Revel to warehouse suppliers and the established lead acid battery market. Seek to to inform visitors about the battery benefits but not alienate them with too much information at once.  Stand out amongst competitive battery websites sites with exciting visuals, and valuable content. 
The approach:  Create an online publication site and disseminate information into clear content buckets. Keep the design bright and eye catching using familiar warehouse photography to make the connection to potential customers and add some interactivity to liven up the site. 
Interesting Visuals 
Thoughtful ORGANIZED Content FOR SEO 
Results: The click through to articles steadily increased and conversion rates on the MDA at a high end of the industry average.    
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Personal Role: art direction, web design, information architecture.
Client: Revel Battery ⠀
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