Insurantly focuses on delivering useful car insurance information that helps it's visitors find the best auto policy to fit their needs.
The challenge: Introduce Insurantly to a younger target market. Seek to to inform visitors about car insurance but not alienate them with too much information at once.  Stand out amongst a sea of car insurance comparison sites with valuable and informative content. 
The approach:  Create an online publication site and disseminate information into clear content buckets. Keep the design clean and airy as to not overwhelm the visitor. Add eye catching custom illustrations to the design for visual appeal, and some interactivity to liven up the site. 
Interesting Visuals 
Clear MDAs
Thoughtful ORGANIZED Content FOR SEO 
Results: The click through to articles steadily increased and conversion rates on the MDA at a high end of the industry average.    
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Personal Role: creative direction, web design, information architecture, iconography, illustration.
Client: 360Quote LLC ⠀
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