Fulgent is an accredited industry leader that provides affordable genetic testing solutions. When Covid-19 emerged, Fulgent actively responded and collaboratively developed rapid response testing kits to be deployed nationally. Their diagnostic testing solutions for Covid-19 include a molecular test to detect active infections, an antibody evaluation to determine previous infections, and a dual diagnosis screen to identify the presence of influenza and SARS-CoV-2. This product line continues to evolve and is being marketed to a diverse set of stakeholders. 

Mitigation Plan: 
Fulgent vowed to be a contributing partner within the efforts to combat Covid-19. Since testing is essential to identify and monitor community spread, outreach was an essential goal. Collectively, our team and interdisciplinary leaders collaborated to develop a digital campaign targeted towards impacted communities. Marketed stakeholder groups included businesses, healthcare entities, educational institutions, and public facilities. This campaign provides consumers with easy to understand information regarding Covid-19 testing kits and the services provided with these solutions.  
- Campaign Art Director 
- Content Architect Lead 
- Creative Director 
- e-Communications & Networking Developer 
- Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) Programmer 
- Graphic Designer 
- Consumer & User Experience Specialist (CX, UX)  
- Tailored Web Design & User Interface (UI) Enhancement

Interdisciplinary collaboration was a key element within the development lifecycle. Within each stage, teams methodically planned, analyzed, designed, implemented, and maintained this marketing campaign. Evidence-based research was also conducted to determine impact and identify relevant markets. A consensus was reached that multichannel mediums would be utilized to deploy this coordinated digital campaign to reach a broad set of stakeholders.  
Primarily, each media channel was developed to attract corporate interest, direct their attention to Fulgent’s Covid-19 testing solutions, and link them to a landing page based on region or industry type. The landing pages concisely convey the benefits, and instills confidence through showcasing historical precedence, up to date data visuals, and meaningful information that's easy to consume. These persuasive tactics provide evidence that Fulgent is the industry leader that provides safe and effective testing solutions for the workforce. 

- Data Visual Development 
- Evidence-Based Market Research
- Formulated Cohesive Communication Strategy 
- Interdisciplinary Collaboration 
- Multichannel Media Deployment 
- Organized Content Architecture & Presented Logical Narrative  
- Published Branded Content & Ongoing Public Relations Effort 
- Targeted Marketing 

Impactful Results: 
The successful outcomes of this interdisciplinary campaign has benefited the involved stakeholders nationally. Presently, Fulgent has partnered with urban health departments in Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, and Salt Lake City to fulfill their testing needs within densely populated communities. They are also processing thousands of Covid-19 tests a day in public health agencies, educational facilities, correctional institutions, warehouse fulfillment centers, waste management, and film production. 
These partnerships have been impactful, and this campaign has connected businesses with the tools they need to combat the pandemic in the workforce. The return on investment is much broader than the fiscal gains. These actions facilitate response efforts, unify communities, and promote resilience within the workforce that pushes business forward in a safe and effective manner.  
Credits: Echo Factory - Strategy, Media, 
Client: Echo Factory, Fulgent Genetics  ⠀
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